7 Ways To Optimize Your In-Flight Productivity

If you frequently travel for work, you know that even the shortest flights can take much of your time. The time spent getting to and from the airport, going through security, waiting for your bag, and waiting in the terminal are all factors.

These visits are intended to help you progress your business, but how can you focus long enough to do anything if you continuously feel in disarray?

Here are seven ways to optimise your in-flight productivity:

Think Ahead

Preparing ahead of time is the most important tip for working on a flight. You will remain productive if you create an in-flight to-do list of chores you can reasonably do while flying.

For example, using a laptop in an economy-class seat is difficult. You don’t have enough space to open your laptop and work without bumping into the person beside you. Therefore, always create a to-do list containing chores that don’t require a laptop if you are flying economy. Instead, focus on tasks you can complete on a tablet or with a traditional notebook and pen.

Get to Know the Accommodations at the Airport in Advance

The airport is one of the best places to operate efficiently online for your company. Study the airport in advance to make the most of your time there. Does it offer free Wi-Fi? Like UnitedWifi. What about quiet spaces or charging stations? You might have admittance to the private airport lounge where you can work and receive calls in a more private environment, depending on your airline and any loyalty points programmes you’re a part of.

Ensure that You can Continue Working Without the Internet.

Give yourself enough time at the gate before takeoff to gather any internet needs. Although Wi-Fi is generally available aboard aeroplanes, including British Airways, the connection might be unpredictable on some flights. Spending half the journey waiting for a single file to load wastes time. If you need to use anything from your web browser, open up each site in a different tab to click directly on it on the flight. While you’re doing it, pre-download any things you’ll need.

Charge all of Your Electronics

You don’t want to waste hours in an airport waiting for your phone or laptop to charge, and you also don’t want your computer to crash unexpectedly during a crucial meeting. Make sure you’re ready by packing battery packs, software, headphones, stock/samples, and other gadgets and gear that will allow you to function comfortably while on your business trip.

Limit Interruptions

Sadly, other passengers are one of the largest obstacles to a productive flight. You can always find something or someone to bother or distract you when you’re crammed inside an aeroplane.

You can reduce these interruptions. A window seat rather than an aisle seat is one option. Even though it might not be the most comfortable seat, you won’t be troubled when the other passengers in your row need to enter or exit the flight. 

You can also purchase a set of noise-cancelling headphones to help block out the noise made by other passengers.

Know Yourself

Examine how you handle your flight time carefully and make the most of it. Some passengers fall asleep as soon as a plane takes off, while others are frightened by flying. Accept your type, whichever it may be. Don’t expect to suddenly finish a lengthy to-do list on your next flight if you know you often fall asleep in the air. Instead, plan on sleeping throughout the travel so you can stay up longer working when you arrive.

If you get carried away in the air, plan to work on light-lift, important, but not urgent chores, such as catching up on emails or completing a low-stakes project.

Drink and eat wisely.

Your productivity on an aircraft may be impacted by what you eat and drink. If you intend to work, refrain from using your free drink tickets. Avoid eating a large meal before or during the journey. Instead, have little foods to keep your brain active and drink water to stay hydrated.

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