Anxious about your first day at work? This can help.

Written by: Stejsi Jani

First impressions can always be a little scary especially when it comes to the first day at work, however, you are not alone. Everyone goes through these anxious states, yet the key is to overcome them. Therefore, in this article, we have included a list of things you need to have on the first day to help you thrive and make a great impression on your first day at work.

So, what are these things that the employee needs, to make them more confident on the first day of work?

1.     Socialize

It is crucial to keep in mind that when you show up on the first day at work, you will have encounters with every colleague, therefore the first impressions are going to be very important. In addition, something that could help you with socializing is to try and remember the names and the positions of every colleague that you come across since this shows interest and creates a bond that will further help you in the job.

2.     Bring a positive and confident attitude

Remember to bring a positive and confident attitude since this way you appear more approachable and socializing will be much easier. Take on all responsibilities with zeal, and never, ever, ever grumble about a specific task, your job in principle, or your coworkers or colleagues.

3.     Avoid office politics and gossip

Keep your distance from the rumor mill, and prevent associating with those who fuel it. Hate speeches or making up stories in the workplace is generally undesirable behavior that causes division.

4.     Ask how your daily routine will look like

It would be very helpful to ask what the routine of the job will look like so you can gather an insight into what you have to do. Another suggestion could be to ask for the job description, to have everything in specific, so in this case it will be much easier to predict what you have to deal with.

5.     Questions

Now, when it comes to questions, they always make a good first impression. However, make sure that these questions are well constructed and that they are something that you did not find information to clarify, after the research you did on the company. This shows the HR that the employee did their “homework” and they came prepared with questions to ask to get to know the company even better. This is a great exhibit of serosity in the workplace and it shows respect for the company.

6.     A notepad and a pen

This is very old school, however, it is always recognized as something professional, so just in case be prepared to have a pen and a notepad to take notes, to show the investment you have for the job.

7.     A home office

It is important to be productive in the workplace and one of the best ways to help with productivity is a clean and neat workspace. Therefore, make sure to get every stationary item that makes you comfortable since the workplace may not provide all of them.

8.     Appropriate attire

Μake sure to dress properly. Even though some may not like to admit the importance of the appropriate attire, contrary to their belief, the way that employees dress to show up to the workplace is very important. As the previous things mentioned before, this point also shows the serosity and the consideration that the individual has for the job position by putting effort and by adapting to the work environment.

9.     A good lunch and snacks

As for this step, this depends on the individual’s taste. If you want to make yourself comfortable, bring something that you may find etiquette enough to bring to work and fit your taste, and in the end let it be something practical, just to get you through the day.

We hope that this list helps you on your new journey to expand your career and keep in mind to stay calm, try to fit in and just enjoy the day since that will be your new work environment.


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