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The quality of an organization’s management team has always been important. I think over the past year, we’ve learned just how difficult it can be when the organization has ineffective managers.

I’m not saying that this is entirely a manager’s fault. Some organizations hire and/or promote someone into a management position without giving them the tools they need to be successful.

I know the past year has been challenging, but now is an important moment for managers and employees. When the pandemic first started, organizations had to make quick decisions. And I believe everyone was prepared to be a little forgiving if things didn’t go exactly as planned. But as we talk more about vaccines and returning to normal, organizations need to get this right. They’ve had months to plan for it.

Getting it right starts with management. I’ve mentioned before that this could be a great time to have a mini-onboarding program for employees. It could be a part of a re-entry process. Well, maybe organizations should consider having a mini-manager onboarding as well. Get the management team on the same page. Offer them a few refresher sessions to make sure their skills stay current. If you’re looking for some manager onboarding resources, here are a few places to check out.

Managing Remote Teams (WEBINAR RECAP)

Over the past year, many organizations were forced to try out remote work situations, and the result has been largely positive. Employees enjoyed the freedom from the daily commute, the flexibility, and the ability to focus with fewer distractions. Even as businesses start to formulate reopening plans, they are doing so with an eye towards adapting long-term remote or hybrid work models. In this webinar with our friends at Criteria, we discuss five activities that managers should do to successfully manage remote and hybrid teams.

Giving Managers the Support They Need

There’s a tendency for companies to assume that the person they’ve hired to fill a management role already knows everything by virtue of them being selected as a leader. Without giving new managers the tools they need to succeed, they all too often only have the opportunity to learn on the job when they’ve made a mistake. And this isn’t an efficient use of anyone’s time. In this Punk Rock HR podcast with Laurie Ruettimann, we spend some time talking about setting managers up for success…and that includes onboarding.

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HR Speaks Up: Manager Onboarding Masterclass

HR Speaks Up is a series of short and impactful videos offered by our friends at Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG). The series provides business leaders with actionable suggestions to improve their employees’ work life while also arming them with the tools to become better leaders. In this masterclass hosted by yours truly, we talk about the correlation between managers and employee engagement.

Episode 1: The Business Case

Episode 2: Preboarding

Episode 3: Orientation

Episode 4: Bringing it All Together

As organizations start thinking about bringing employees together in the office, they have a real opportunity to refocus and reengage their workforce. It starts with having an energized and effective management team. Offering them a mini-onboarding session could be exactly the right way to help managers set the positive tone everyone wants.

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