Experience an employee communication solution designed for frontline workers

In our fast-paced business world, frontline employees must be well-prepared and ready for each workday. Strong training and communication methods form the foundation of this preparedness. However, traditional ways of communicating with frontline staff, such as pre-shift meetings and clock-in notifications, can often lead to confusion, oversights, and mistakes.

Even though frontline managers recognise these problems, the quick fixes they turn to usually just cover up more significant, underlying organisational issues.

Why apps for employee communication are superior to traditional email

Work communication apps have a distinct advantage over traditional email because they make internal communications more enjoyable and accessible. Most of the communication tools mentioned here are part of larger employee engagement software systems designed to improve the employee experience. Features like tagging, liking, and using emojis make communication feel more like engaging on social media than a boring chore.

The nature of app-based communication is also faster and more efficient, thanks to alerts, push notifications, and group chat features. It’s more likely that a colleague will respond faster to a direct chat message than to a formal email.

Promote cohesion and encourage teamwork

Your team members are the daily representatives of your brand, holding essential insights into the actual needs of your in-store customers. Having a strong company culture is good for business: it results in improved productivity, fewer absences, and happier employees ready to deliver. Cultivate this business atmosphere with communication tools designed for teamwork and a timeline similar to social media, enhanced with feedback and conversations.

Explore how Axonify empowers frontline service workers

Each shift in a retail environment starts with a short but significant training session and a review of messages. Staff members sign into Axonify, soak up key knowledge, and then get to work. This brief 3-5 minute training period gives them vital insights for the day’s tasks, helping them effectively highlight your latest products and offers on the sales floor.

In a grocery store scenario, employees regularly train and read communications before they start their work shifts. They also have immediate access to important resources, giving them the necessary information in the form of job aids within the platform.

For banking professionals, quick educational videos clarify processes like initial credit card approval, and messages from management keep them informed. They then take daily quizzes to check their understanding. These fast reinforcement sessions boost their confidence when suggesting additional services.

Discover a scalable employee communication solution from Axonify that matches your specific business needs.

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