The Best Digital Nomad Visas for Brits Looking for an Endless Summer

In the past week alone, there has been a 16% increase in online searches in the UK for ‘digital nomad visa’, and with the official arrival of autumn approaching, many of us may not be ready to say goodbye to summer. 

Luckily, a digital nomad visa was created especially for those who want to work while travelling, meaning you can still chase the sun while earning an income. 

Travel booking website OMIO has analysed a range of factors including the cost of living index, rent index, grocery index, safety index, mobility (monthly pass), the number of co-working spaces, speed of internet (fixed), speed of internet (mobile), the cost of visa and the ease of obtaining one to determine the best places for Brits wanting a digital nomad lifestyle. 

The Top 10 Countries for Digital Nomads:

1. Namibia
2. Georgia
3. Argentina
4. Sri Lanka
5. Cape Verde
6. Greece
7. Belize
8. Czech Republic
9. Vietnam
10. Israel

Interestingly, Namibia in Southern Africa, has been named as the best place for Brits looking for a digital nomad visa. The cost of living index is 35 – to compare, the UK has a cost of living index of 61.5. It also scored low for the rent (0) and the grocery (30) index. However, in Namibia, there is an average of only eight co-working spaces so it may pay to invest a little more in accommodation to create your own working space.

You can apply for a digital nomad visa here for up to three months but you will need proof of income at €1800/month.

In the very east of Europe, Georgia has also proven to be a great option for Brits looking to move abroad. Georgia has a slightly higher cost of living index compared to Namibia, at 38, but it did have a higher number of co-working spaces at 22, so this might be a better option for those office-goers. In Georgia, you can apply for a ‘Remotely from Georgia’ working visa for up to 12 months, with proof of income at €2000/month. 

Other popular and hot destinations for working abroad include Sri Lanka, Greece and Vietnam. 

The Top 5 Budget Countries for Digital Nomads:

For many digital nomads, the cost of living is a key point in the selection criteria for the country they choose to visit. The cost-of-living criteria factors in rent, food costs and the amount of money left over to enjoy cultural experiences.

The following countries have a low cost-of-living index of approximately 30 or below: 

1. Argentina
2. Bali
3. Colombia 
4. Sri Lanka 
5. Turkey 

OMIO calculated the cost-of-living index based on rent and food costs. In fact, if your home country’s income is higher than the host country’s average, you may even save money on daily living. 

Other costs to consider include travel costs. In Panama, for example, you can pay about 30 pence per bus ride with the so-called Rapi>Pass. In Vietnam, you can get a monthly ticket for roughly about £7.

You don’t even have to leave Europe for inexpensive domestic transportation. In Albania, for example, a monthly public transportation ticket costs roughly £12. In the Czech Republic, you can stay mobile with a ticket for about £20 on average.

Popular Destination Choices for UK Digital Nomads

OMIO also revealed which countries are appealing for digital nomads based on a selection of criteria that includes: cost of living, number of coworking spaces, internet speed and ease of obtaining an uncomplicated visa.

The research shows that the most popular choices for UK citizens who use a digital nomad visa are Bali, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

[Source: Viewed on: 24.02.23]

Excluding Bali, it is possible to apply for a digital nomad visa in these countries, which is valid for 12 months. The digital nomad visa in Bali is only valid for two months and is also more expensive than the others, despite the shorter amount of time. Comparatively, Spain is the cheapest, followed closely by Greece.

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