These baby names could predict your child’s future

It turns out your name can have a lot to do with your career path, a new study has revealed.  

Data shows people with the most popular boy’s name, Liam, are more likely to end up working in the construction industry, while the most common choice for people called Olivia, the most popular girl’s name, is a career in advertising.  

The research, carried out by furniture suppliers, Furniture At Work, used LinkedIn data to determine the most common career for people with the most popular boy and girl names in the UK, as well as how much they are predicted to earn.   

It revealed boys with the name Mateo are most likely to grow up to work in technology, information and media, and people named Levi are likely to have careers in retail.   

Jobs in TV, film and music are the most common careers for boys named Noah, Oliver, Elijah, Lucas and Asher.  

Those called Emma – the second most popular girl’s name – are also likely to work in advertising, alongside Olivia, Ava, Sophie and Mia. The most common jobs for girls named Isabella are in the health and fitness industry.   

People named Amelia and Luna are expected to have careers in hospitality, while people named Charlotte and Evelyn are most likely to go on to work in hospitals and health care.  

The study also discovered which names, out of the most popular, are expected to earn the highest average annual salary throughout their careers.   

Using a name value tool, the boys’ names predicted to earn the most are:

Mateo – £47,262  

James – £38,149  

Oliver – £35,536  

While the girls’ names with the highest expected salary are   

Evelyn – £29,714  

Emma – £28,576  

Amelia – £27,645  

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