How to Create Gen Z Friendly workspaces

Creating a Gen Z friendly workplace is becoming increasingly important as more members of this generation enter the workforce. Here are some tips to create a workplace that is appealing to Gen Z employees:

Flexible workspaces for Gen Z hires

Your hires are eager to climb up the company ladder but they’re not decidedly invested in that corner office. People joining your office are different compared to Boomers. They want flexibility through and through ranging from flexible workspaces to flexible schedules that stretch and adapt to their timelines.

Gen Z employees value flexibility in their work arrangements. Offer remote work options, flexible scheduling, and the ability to work from home or on the go. This allows Gen Z employees to maintain a work-life balance that suits their needs.

Don’t take that as a sign of slacking off. They want to work. However, they’re independent, frugal, and innovative. Brush Galaxy realized this trend early on and started offering an option to download brushes for free to its workers as well as customers to encourage creativity at work.

Generation Z expects to work hard

Studies all point out to people making up the Gen Z cohort being entrepreneurial in spirit. A 2016 survey found that three out of four high school students want to start their own businesses. Gen Z kids are different: they volunteer, they pursue social entrepreneurism as career and they start working right out of high school because they increasingly find themselves at odds with the usefulness of a college degree.

Gen Z employees value career growth and development. Provide opportunities for learning and development, such as training programs, mentorship, and coaching. This shows that you are invested in their growth and development as employees.

Gen Z wants functional workspaces

Embrace technology: Gen Z is a digital-first generation, and they expect their workplace to be tech-savvy. Offer the latest technology and tools to help them do their jobs more efficiently. This includes cloud-based software, project management tools, mobile apps, and collaboration tools.

Without this retaining talented Gen Zer’s will be tough. You need to provide them with challenging opportunities, mentoring programs, and a positive work environment. Experts all agree that a critical revamp is on the cards for workplaces. Gen Z is an exception to millennials who are comfortable with open vast unstructured office space. Gen Z wants distinct spaces that support multiple work activities.

For instance:

a. Solitary spaces for high focus work

Gen Z were born with the internet. They’re connected and when it’s time to focus it can be a little difficult to disconnect. Create small refugee workspaces that allow them to disconnect. Use soundproofing whiteboards and plugs to power devices. You can also turn these into wifi free zones where they get into self-imposed exile mode.

b. Social spaces for face-to-face connection and recreation.

A tiny airless lunchroom with a microwave and old fridges doesn’t cut it anymore. Workspaces need third spaces that help Gen Z derive meaningful connections with both mentors and peers. Same goes for those coffee and candy vending machines that are perpetually broken. Gen Zs are foodies and they need quality coffee in their mug, free trials, and fresh unlimited food.

These informal spaces are haunts they can use to recharge and host casual meetings, build relationships and everything else. Gen Z values collaboration and teamwork. Such spaces provide opportunities for employees to work together, whether it’s through team projects, brainstorming sessions, or team-building activities. This not only fosters collaboration but also helps build a sense of community among employees.

Prioritize diversity and inclusion 

Gen Z is one of the most diverse generations, and they value diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Ensure that your workplace is diverse and inclusive and provides equal opportunities to all employees. This may also include explaining to them your chargeback reversal terms, so they communicate that openly to customers. This includes offering mentorship programs and creating a safe space for employees to share their thoughts and ideas.

Promote transparency

Gen Z values transparency and authenticity. Be open and honest with your employees about the company’s goals, plans, and decisions. This fosters a sense of trust and encourages employees to be more engaged and invested in the company.

By following these tips, you can create a Gen Z friendly workplace that attracts and retains top talent. Remember, creating a workplace that is appealing to Gen Z employees benefits everyone in the company, from the employees to the customers and stakeholders.


Transparency, diversity and inclusion are the hallmarks of a workplace that is conducive to GenZ.

In a few years GenZers will form the biggest cohort of active workers in any organization and as such will drive rich dividends for you.

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