4 Important HR Resources and Guides to Keep Visible On Your Company Intranet

If you’ve got an intranet, it can be an invaluable resource from an HR perspective, as it will act as a valuable repository for all sorts of documentation that employees might need in the course of their duties.

Knowing what to make available on your company intranet is half the battle, so here are a few examples of a few must-have assets that team members will appreciate being within easy reach.

Maintaining a Comprehensive Employee Handbook

Having an up-to-date and comprehensive employee handbook is essential for HR professionals. It helps to ensure the organization’s policies, procedures, and practices are understood by all employees.

On the company intranet, this document should be easy to access at any time with clear navigation options available.

The handbook should cover topics such as workplace safety regulations, pay scales & benefits packages, disciplinary actions & appeals processes, and other important legal matters related to employment in your business sector or country. This way, staff members have a reliable resource that they can refer to if ever needed. It also sets expectations from day one, so that onboarding new team members is structured and consistent.

Additionally, review this content regularly so that everyone stays informed about changes regarding their roles within the organisation in order for them to work optimally, and without ambiguity about what’s expected of them.

Curating an Online Library of Professional Development Courses

Offering professional development opportunities to your employees is a great way to improve job satisfaction and productivity.

An online library on the company intranet with curated courses from reputable providers can help HR professionals give their staff members access to valuable training resources which they may not otherwise have been aware of. This way, each employee’s learning journey can be tailored according to their individual needs and preferences – whether it’s business-specific or more general skills such as communication or leadership workshops.

Also, these courses should also be accessible in multiple formats (e-learning modules, webinars etc.) so that everyone has the opportunity to engage with them regardless of how much time they are able to dedicate towards learning new things at any given moment.

Choosing an Intranet Platform

When choosing between companies that offer intranet services, there are several considerations to make.

Take into account the size of your organization and how much scalability you need in order to accommodate growth, as well as any future changes in staffing.

Furthermore, look at features such as customization options that allow HR professionals to tailor their intranets according to business-specific needs, or search functions so employees can easily find relevant content within the system quickly and efficiently.

Security should also be factored in – make sure data is stored securely, with access only available through robust authentication protocols.

Finally, check that any chosen platform is user friendly and intuitive so everyone has a pleasant experience harnessing it.

How to Utilize the Latest HR Tools Effectively

The latest HR tools are designed to make life easier for both employees and managers, allowing them access important data quickly while streamlining processes. They can be used in a variety of ways, from tracking applicant progress through recruitment stages or helping staff members manage their workload more efficiently.

To get the most out of these tools, make sure they’re available on your company intranet so that everyone can easily find them when needed. Provide clear instructions and tutorials about how each one should be used – this will save time for employees who may otherwise struggle with understanding new systems or technology.

Finally, it is also important to update any content related to these tools regularly as technology changes rapidly – check if there are newer versions available that could benefit your organization even further.

The Bottom Line

The more value your intranet brings to the table, the more it will benefit your business, so don’t skimp on adding resources and guides above and beyond what we’ve covered above.

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