63% of UK workers believe training is important to career development

A new whitepaper from online training provider High Speed Training has found that 63% of UK workers agreed that training and learning new skills helped them to develop themselves and their new careers.

The survey, which asked 1,000 UK residents about their careers and relationships with their employers, formed part of High Speed Training’s Future Workplace Series, which explores the changing nature of the relationship between employees and employers.

Terms such as “The Great Resignation”, “Quiet Quitting”, and “Loud Quitting” have highlighted a disconnect between many organisations and their employees.

With the long term impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic yet to be fully realised, the shift of many organisations to a hybrid working model and a greater emphasis on digital skills will shape the workplace of the future, and influence how employers attract, engage and retain their employees.

In the whitepaper, High Speed Training explores how and why organisations often face an exhausting and costly chase for new employees, or struggle to keep their best staff members.

The paper sets out a model to empower HR, hiring, and training managers to focus their efforts on building solid development paths with their employees.

The 4P’s model details how successful training can be implemented into an organisation.

Training must be every employer’s passionTraining must have a collective purposeTraining must be a true partnershipTraining must demonstrate progress

Dr Richard Anderson, Head of Learning and Development at High Speed Training, said: “No-one could have predicted the seismic shifts in working procedures that almost all businesses have had to deal with over the last few years. Whilst this has certainly thrown up new and difficult challenges, there is also scope for opportunity – both for employees and employers.

“Wider talent pools and increasing rates of digital skills mean that employers can reap the benefits of new hybrid working models – if they are willing to offer an attractive career bargain with prospective and existing employees.

“The workforce is placing greater emphasis on their own personal and career development, utilising upskilling and training to ensure that their own trajectories align to their employers.

“Through this whitepaper, we’ve explored how and why organisations must adapt to this new way of working to reap the benefits.” For more analysis, insight and statistics, download a copy of the whitepaper by clicking here.

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