Are Emojis Acceptable In Work Communication [POLL]

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I must admit that I find articles sharing “what’s in and what’s out” fascinating. There was one a couple of months ago that announced side parts (for your hair) are a complete no-no. Not sure why, but side parts are out.

The same article mentioned that the laughing emoji was “out”. You know the one I’m referring to. It’s the one with a smiley face that’s laughing with the tears coming from the sides of the eyes ?. I guess instead of using that emoji, we’re supposed to use the “skull” emoji. The message being “I’m dying.” which implies that something is super funny. You can also use the smiley face with the little waterfalls coming from the eyes. But not the laughing emoji.

Anyway, I happened to casually mention this update on emoji trends during a training session and several people commented that emojis are totally unprofessional in business. I was a bit surprised. It got me thinking.

I can completely understand not going to emoji extremes but as texting becomes a larger part of our business communications, I can see emojis being more acceptable. Even welcomed. Personally, I find that emojis, when used correctly, can help to convey tone and emotion that’s often missing in written communication.   

What do you think about this? Do you have an opinion about emoji use in business? I hope you’ll take a moment to answer this one question poll on the topic.

As always, we’ll leave the poll open for a week or so and then publish the results. I can see having different views about emojis in our personal and professional lives. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts.

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