Are you on top of the latest work trends?

Work trends come and go but experts have predicted that in 2023 work trends such as ‘fake flexibility’ is out but ‘menopause leave’ is in[i].

According to Molly Johnson, CEO of Flexa Careers the demand for different ways of working has seen the rise of ‘fake flexibility’ where employers have been tempted to make false claims or vague offers of flexibility in job adverts to boost applications.

Unfortunately after taking the job many employees can find out that this isn’t actually the case, and the realities of the work culture mean that their role is far from flexible.

In 2023 this is something employers need to get right and, if they want to encourage more flexible working, they must have the right HR systems in place to manage it.

If not, employees may end up seeking out new job opportunities where flexible working is a reality.

But a new kind of leave is expected to become more commonplace in 2023 – menopause leave –  with many forward-thinking companies making headlines for going ahead with leave policies to support women through menopause[ii].

According to Ally Fekaiki, CEO of Juno, a platform personalising employee benefits, employers in 2023 will be offering employees access to things which add value to their individual mental, physical and financial wellbeing – whether that’s childcare services, financial advice, fertility care or indeed menopause support[iii]. 

For firms considering offering greater flexibility and making this work for their organisation, introducing menopause leave or simply keeping an eye on absenteeism in 2023 – the key is to ensure they can monitor and track all types of leave and flexibility.

One way to do this is to introduce absence management technology such as Activ Absence which allows companies to have better operational control and support of the day-to-day management of their staff, including all types of absence from sick leave to holidays.

This software can help companies introduce flexible working in whatever guise they wish – from a four-day week to flexi-time and hybrid working. It provides an accurate, real-time overview of staff whereabouts to ensure the business can operate efficiently no matter how they are working.

The software can be tailored to the organisation too – so if they wish to introduce menopause leave this can be added as an additional absence category.

Whether the company has 10 or 10,000 employees, Activ Absence can help businesses stay ahead of current work trends and easily manage employee absence all in one place!

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