Half of young workers fear opening up about mental health will impact career,

TELUS Health, one of the largest companies providing digital-first health and wellness services and solutions that empower individuals to live their healthiest lives has released its Global Mental Health Report.

Half of young workers (20-29) fear opening up about mental health will impact career

This concern decreased as workers got older, reaching its lowest points at 50-59 years old (34 per cent) and over 60s (29 per cent).However, 58% of workers over 40 reported feeling slightly less comfortable when discussing their mental health, compared to 60% of their younger counterparts (60 per cent).35% of workers under 40 are more likely to value wellbeing support over a 10% hike in their salary, compared to 22% of over 40s.

Additional findings from the survey include:

Over 50% of the global working population has a mental health at moderate or high risks.48% of Brits are feeling more sensitive to stress compared to before the pandemic.33% say their career goals have changed due to the pandemic.Managers are 41 per cent more likely than non-managers to indicate their career goals have changed because of the pandemic.Britons without savings are 60% more likely to report the pandemic has negatively impacted their ongoing mental health.Mental health is getting worse with each generation, with Gen Z recording the lowest mental health scores despite being more vocal about their needs.They found that personal stress, anxiety and depression remain the main reasons why employees seek assistance.

Paula Allen, Global Leader and Senior Vice-President of Research and Total Wellbeing at TELUS Health said the stats indicate a “trust issue” amongst younger workers who are fearful of discrimination in the workplace – even if it may not happen.

“They, the employer might have no stigma, they might not discriminate against anyone, but young workers fear that it will happen to them.”

Paula also commented:

“This period of time will be noteworthy in history, I think, for the relentless upheaval that populations are going through.

When you think about what the population have gone through over the last while, you really get a sense of why that happened. We had this pandemic, the economic impact of the pandemic, the increased isolation, a sense of loss of control.

We have become very efficient in our work. We can transact in these 20-minute Zoom calls and then move on. But that doesn’t build a sense of belonging. So, organisations really should do well to create a culture where there is more space to have that kind of social contact.”

The full TELUS Health Global Mental Health Report can be found here.

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