Written by: Adina Gjoshe ?
Editor: Moscalu Ekaterini Anca

Lately there has been a talent crisis in workplaces. The main reason is that even though
employees used to focus on job security and payment, lately they expect more from the
workplace than that. They want to feel valued, to have the potential to grow, to feel like they
belong and are part of a trusted group as well as to have the flexibility to focus on their
personal life.

In order for companies to attract new talents they should update their Employee Value
Propositions, including in the document the promise of employee-experience. There are 5 key
changes that can be adopted in order to make the EVP successful

1. Your EVP must be holistically connected to your purpose. People want to be part of an
organization that has a higher purpose than profitability. Make sure your purpose is
clearly stated in your EVP, and it is connected to the employee experience and the role
they play in achieving the greater good.

2. You need to foster a culture of belonging, flexibility, and growth. Include details like:

● How your organization promotes connection and inclusion.
● How your organization helps people learn and grow.
● How your organization fulfills everyone’s unique needs.

3. You first must look inside and create a movement. Involve your employees in the
process of creating the EVP in order to ensure that it is real and inspiring . The point of
view of your employees out on the world will level up your EVP.

4. Your EVP needs to be authentically yours and authentically human. You can achieve
that by emphasizing the value of who you are and what you stand for. Include social
concerns , diversity, inclusion and sustainability, because that’s what candidates are
looking for in an organization.

5. Your words and actions must match the employee experience. What you say to the
world is meaningless if your internal environment and actions do not support it, so
make sure you align the steps you take to get there with what you say.

A refreshed EVP is the first step to attracting new talent, but you also need to make changes
in your work environment , the employee lifecycle and even the business models of the
future. Make your EVP suitable for your organization.

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