How to Survive Through Inflation – A Guide for Employees

When you talk about inflation, most people and organizations will think more about who is causing it and who should be blamed. Currently, inflation is rising above 8%, which is a 40-year high, leaving many wrangling with economic philosophies.

However, not many people are talking about what the everyday consumer is facing. And that is what we will be tackling today.

How do you survive the historic downturn as you wait for a curb or the inflation to burn out? The 8.6% inflation, with varying figures, means what you bought last year using $100 will not cost over $108.

This is not an arithmetic you want to try anywhere, though. These could be worse at the gas station, grocery store, and when renewing your lease.

Although inflation is now slowing, with fuel prices driving hopes for future easing, there is still a lot to handle. The first and most important step is to face reality and overcome denial. Once you accept the situation, you can then talk about overcoming it.

And today, we will be discussing how to deal with inflation as an everyday person.

Create a Budget

Many people are used to impulsive spending. That means they buy things without thinking about or having a good plan.

Unfortunately, budgeting is never fun for anyone, and yet necessary. Even when you are in your best times, never enough money comes in, but too much money goes out. This is one of the reasons it becomes tough to make a reasonable budget.

According to experts like Einat Steklov, telling someone to make a budget is quite easy. But looking at those expenses is a whole different story.

There are things that just happen without any planning. You leave your house in the morning without engine issues, and then your car dies from nowhere, forcing you to spend at the mechanic. How do you make a budget for such and stick to it?

It is just hard, right?

Nevertheless, you need to master your money if you are looking for long-lasting financial happiness. 

There are many ways to handle your finances and keep things in order.

For example, you can decide to follow the old-school road, pen down everything on a legal pad, or download household budgeting software. It all comes down to what makes you feel better.

Changing your attitude about budgeting can be a huge milestone. Thinking that budgeting or saving money online hard cannot help you. But you open up your mind to more saving ideas when you decide to do it.

Cut Expenses

Realize that your expenditure and priorities have changed. Therefore, cutting expenses could be a good way of staying on the right side until things improve.

Just like budgeting, cutting down expenses can be quite hard. You can never touch certain things – like your rent or mortgage payment. If you could, it could really cut down your expenses.

Instead, check for those unnecessary expenses. Sit yourself down and engage in a serious conversation. Ask the following questions:

Is this something I need or just want?What value am I getting from this?Will cutting it out drastically affect my life?

For most people, there are a lot of expenses they can shrink out and still enjoy a quality life. It’s just a matter of looking at what you need and what you want.

Find the “low-hanging” fruit. Address the issue of addiction to subscriptions.

If there are automatic payment subscriptions like streaming services, magazines, and gym memberships, consider going slow on them. It is time to be realistic.

For instance, there are many cheap seedboxes that offer the same streaming services as the more expensive ones. Why not consider such for your entertainment needs? After all, most people pay for features they don’t really need.

Boost Your Salary

There is no better time to re-negotiate your salary than when the economy is tough, and inflation is rising. Every employee wants better development opportunities, which can only come if you speak out intentionally.

Unfortunately, many find it hard to negotiate their salary. They are mostly afraid.

But this could be the best way to keep your current lifestyle. A large percentage of people who negotiated their salaries got what they asked for.

It does not hurt to ask, but it might if you don’t. Everyone wants to stay ahead of inflation, and your employer must understand this better than anyone else.

Consider a New Job

If your attempts for a salary increment fail, consider looking for a new job. You know you deserve better, and nothing should hold you back from going for that.    

It might seem like a daunting task, but it could be worth your time. With inflation rising, you need to keep yourself ahead of it, or you might get too overwhelmed.

Inflation is a key consideration when looking for new opportunities. Consider jobs offering higher wages or a better position.

Find industries that are growing and apply for jobs that match your experience and skills. You will never lack such information from the many online resources available today.


Inflation can be hard, not only for companies but for individuals too. But the way you deal with it will determine your overall experience through it.

As you can see, there are many ways to survive the times. Use your employee benefits, start a side hustle, invest in 3rd part firms, review your expenses and track your finances – all these are useful ways. Find what works best for you.

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