How to take care of your employees as a beauty salon owner

Having staff to take care of is a serious responsibility. As well as the correct insurance and health and safety procedures in place, it is also important that you take care of your employees’ mental health. Happy employees are crucial in a customer-facing business such as a salon. If your employees are unhappy, they may look to work elsewhere.

Offer competitive benefits

There are numerous ways to offer competitive benefits, especially working in the beauty industry. One thing you could do is offer bonuses regularly. Some businesses choose to do this quarterly whereas some opt for yearly bonuses. If you were to offer bonuses make sure that you are offering a fair amount, but also one that is feasible for your business.

Another way you can compensate your employees is to offer discounts on premium products such as tan accelerators or nail polish. This works as a double benefit as your employees will be happier and may choose to wear those products in your salon. This then helps to show off your products to your clients who may choose to purchase them as well.

Recognise hard work

There’s no doubt that your employees work incredibly hard, and it is only right that they get recognition for that. By feeling valued, staff members will likely work harder and take more pride in their work.

Organising an award ceremony could be a great way to say thank you to your staff. If you make it an annual event, your workers will look forward to it every year. Whether you make the awards serious or humorous, get your staff involved by having them vote for the recipients of each category.

Be transparent

Being transparent can mean a lot of things in business. When it comes to your staff asking for feedback, be honest! Some people don’t like giving negative feedback, but it is the only way to help your workers grow. Don’t be unkind but be constructive.

Another way to be transparent is by setting realistic expectations. If you overpromise to your employees they will end up dejected and with no motivation. By being transparent about the progress of new incentives or their personal development, you are encouraging open communication with yourself as well.

Show interest in their personal life

If you are looking to create a relaxed atmosphere in your salon, showing an interest in your colleagues’ personal lives can help. By asking questions about their home life and remembering their answers, you are showing that you care and see them as more than just worker bees.

Alongside this, making reasonable allowances for employees to have a personal life outside of the salon is important too. For example, if an employee has a child and they would like to attend a school play or meeting, rather than using their annual leave you could give them the option to make up the time on different days or swap with another employee to ensure your salon is still staffed adequately.

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