Mindset Manager – the new role for 2023

Mindset management sounds like just another corporate phenomenon. Something that sounds good, but is ultimately just a buzz phrase. But before dismissing the concept, let’s consider what mindset means. And how initiating policies and procedures to support employees throughout your business – from the CEO to the frontline workforce – to acquire the right mindset can help all parties to reach both the organisation’s and their own full potential.

What is mindset in business?

Mindset in business is primarily about helping individuals to be their best. Which involves identifying barriers – maybe even those that an individual might not know they have – and finding ways to engender greater success. Both for the individual employee and the business as a whole. And this is important because most people have productivity blocks. Things that prevent us from making the best use of our talent and our time.

But whatever the cause, mindset can change the engagement, enjoyment, outlook, and resilience of individual employees. And transform the success and productivity of your business as a whole. Because when employees across the board share a positive, ‘can do’ mindset, your business becomes better able to overcome obstacles and find growth pathways.

The benefits of employee mindset change

Every employee has an impact on your business. Changing or improving mindset on an individual or collective level can support each employee to reach their full potential in a number of different ways.

Resilience – Resilience is really the difference between thriving and surviving. With the right mindset, an employee can move from ‘just getting by’ to flourishing. Taking events in their stride and handling difficult situations with aplomb. Too often in business, resilience is viewed as being about getting the right people to support the company’s needs. But for lasting resilience, the focus should be shifted to supporting the people you have, and helping them to acquire the inner resources they need to thrive and grow.

Stress reduction – This goes hand in hand with resilience. If you feel under pressure and unable to cope with difficult situations, stress inevitably takes hold. With the right mindset, obstacles become challenges, almost a game. And this can help to prevent stress from creeping up on individuals, which can help protect the team as a whole. 

Happiness – Once you remove stress and increase resilience, people naturally become happier. Because they feel more in control and better able to cope, regardless of what work or life throws at them.

Productivity – And a natural consequence of the above is productivity. A happy team is usually a productive team. Because each individual feels empowered, supported, and supportive of the business and their colleagues. And rather than being bogged down by difficulties, a problem-solving approach is automatically adopted, helping to keep productivity high.

How can you improve employee mindset on an individual and collective level?

There are different approaches to enhancing employee mindset. And the approach you adopt can depend upon the results you are looking to engender.

Focus on employee engagement

Employee mindset can be dramatically impacted by a lack of engagement. If an individual or team feels that they are not valued and not interested in the business they work for, positivity will be hard to come by. By investing in employee engagement – providing training opportunities for all, empowering communication, making sure that everyone feels listened to, helping each individual to take control of their own work and time, and showing each person that they are valued – you can make great gains in improving company wide mindset.


Mental health has been a significant focus in recent years. By providing opportunities for mindfulness, you can support employee resilience. This in turn, supports emotional wellbeing, and critical thinking.

Consider mindset coaching

Mindset management is in its early stages. But mindset is the cornerstone of a healthy and productive business. Without the right mindset, you can’t have good leadership and you can’t support employee wellbeing. Mindset is everything because even when we can’t control external factors, we can control our mindset. That is not only empowering for the individual but totally beneficial for your business.

So consider implementing an approach to mindset management – as collectively a mindset movement can change worlds.

Lisa Collinson – Chief People Officer and UK Country Manager, TheNextWe

With a background in HR Strategy development, implementation, and measurement, Lisa Collinson has more than 22 years’ experience in people leadership. An accredited coach and popular speaker and presenter, she has worked across sectors throughout the UK, Europe, and internationally. Supporting businesses with change management, restructuring, and performance management – with an emphasis on behaviourism and why people act the way they do.

Lisa is FCIPD (Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), a Member of the Institute of Training & Occupational Learning (MInstTOL), Applied Behaviour Analysis trained and an APMG Change Management Practitioner, and Member of the Institute of Leadership & Management (MInstLM).

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