MVF Global announces Maji ‘Cost-of-Living Support Package’ for its Employees

MVF is the latest in a growing number of companies choosing financial wellbeing platform Maji to offer a comprehensive ‘Cost-of-Living Support Package’ to support its 500 UK  employees.

MVF’s mission is to transform how businesses find new customers, but the company also wanted to find more ways to help its employees too, during the cost-of-living crisis.

After months of researching the market to find the support that meets those most in need, MVF launched the Maji financial wellbeing benefit to employees, who are called ‘MVFers’, recently.

MVFers can sign up to their free account and use the open banking feature to track spending, learn from Maji’s insights into their finances, build their own budget, plan for the future and build understanding through digital coaching – which provides step by step action plans to tackle key financial journeys like debt, investments and pensions. Maji will use the data generated to identify vulnerabilities and offer employees, with their consent, access to further help, including financial coaching sessions offered by Maji’s partner organisation, FinWELL.

MVF’s Health & Wellbeing Partner Hannah Meredith said:“I am so pleased to be able to provide our employees with vital support at this challenging time.

“Financial pressures are currently the number one cause of stress and poor mental health and it’s estimated that over 94% of employees are likely to be worrying about money. It’s our hope that the support package will not only help to alleviate some of these pressures in the short term but also provide much needed longer term financial wellbeing support and help our employees to achieve their financial goals.”

Sahil Sethi, co-founder of, said: “We’re so pleased to have MVF Global on board, with the prospect of helping hundreds of its employees as well as advising its overseas offices.

“We know that around 95 per cent of UK employees feel forgotten about when it comes to their financial wellbeing, Maji is the financial health solution that companies can buy into to support staff in becoming smarter about money management. We’re confident that, in time, the confidential insights gained will enable MVF Global to tailor even more support to its most vulnerable people.”

To find out more about Maji and its financial support packages for individuals, companies, accountants and benefit consultants, visit where you can apply for a free, no obligation demo.

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