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This is quite the awkward situation.

Hi, I would like to find out how to report my brother for plagiarism. My resume has specifics about my work personality, key skills, and extracurricular activities that he has copied and pasted onto his own resume and claimed them to be his qualities. I have confronted him about this, and it has ended in him making nasty comments about me. At the end of the day, it is still my words that he has taken and lied about, and I wish to do something about this.

First, let’s address the plagiarism issue. Surprisingly, I’ve received this question before. In the article “Someone Plagiarized My Resume”, I talk with an attorney, a career expert, a resume writer, and a recruiter about some strategies for handing this exact type of situation. I hope you’ll check it out.

Second, I want to offer some resources about what to include (and not include) in your resume. I haven’t seen this reader’s resume, but I’ve always felt that a resume should be a summary of a person’s experience and there are things better saved for the interview.

11 Things You Shouldn’t Include on Your Resume

This article from the Indeed blog is a great reminder that our resume should be focused on work related activities. Information related to our age, hobbies, or interests isn’t necessary.

10 Personal Traits to Include on Your Resume

In crafting your resume, it’s important to show proven experience and professional attributes. This article, also from the Indeed blog, offers some suggestions of the personal traits employers might find valuable.

Third, our presence on LinkedIn is closely tied to our resume. Here are a couple of articles that could be helpful in updating your LinkedIn profile.

Should You Use Your Real Job Title on LinkedIn

This article showcases the recommendations of a group of recruiters on whether having your official job title listed on your LinkedIn profile is a good strategy.

LinkedIn Reactions Expand Professional Communication

While today’s reader question is about resumes, sometimes the best way to get eyes on your qualifications is through networking and good communication. This article talks about LinkedIn Reactions and how to use them successfully.

I hope these articles are valuable in making your resume and LinkedIn profile unique and a good representation of your experience and expertise. There’s one last point that I want to address and that’s the reader’s comment about the person who plagiarized their resume being a family member. I’m totally unqualified to dispense any advice about family disputes, so I won’t.

But I do understand the frustration and disappointment of finding out someone copied something you wrote. Especially something very personal, like a resume. I wish I could say there are magic words to make the situation heal itself, but I’m not sure there are. When I’m in situations like this, I tend to focus my energies on the things I can control – like my own resume. Because someone might be able to take my words, but they can’t duplicate me. Hope that helps.

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