Over a Third of People Regret Their Actions at Work Christmas Parties

A new study has revealed Brits most embarrassing moments at their work Christmas parties, with 35% having regretted their actions.

With the festive season approaching and Christmas parties back on the table, a survey commissioned by card marketplace thortful.com, asked the nation what they regret the most from previous years.

One of the most popular party regrets was getting too friendly with a colleague, as nearly half (45%) of Brits say they’ve locked lips with a fellow co-worker and 28% say they’ve actually even had sex with their workplace romance.

Manchester and Leeds were revealed to be the cities that have the most to regret, with nearly a half of Mancunians (49%) saying they’ve regretted their actions in the past and 46% of those in Leeds.

Looking at the industry’s most likely to sleep with their colleagues, almost two thirds (62%) of those working in environment and agriculture are doing the deed following office festivities, followed closely by people working in business, consulting and management (52%).

Furthermore, the nation appears to be one of loose lips, with one in three (30%) admitting to accidentally letting office secrets slip after having one too many.

Most do set good intentions before their work do’s, with 58% saying they intend on not drinking too much. However, 34% say they’ve been too hungover to work the day after with one 1 in 5 (21%) having to pull a sickie. More than a quarter (26%) also say they’ve been too drunk to even remember their actions at Christmas parties!

Despite embarrassing moments, 54% of workers say they still love Christmas parties. Londoners top the charts for been the most excited with 66% saying they love their work do, Bristol (59%), Leeds (55%) and Manchester (51%) also followed closely behind.

Commenting on the survey, spokesperson at thortful said, “As office parties are looking likely to have a green light this year, it’s no surprise that many are excited to be back celebrating some festive cheer with their work colleagues. Hopefully Brits take this study as a sign, on what to avoid doing at their work parties this year to make sure they’re not the talk of the office the next morning!”

Further information on the survey can be found here.


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