Sample account manager job description and interview questions

Are you looking to hire and need the perfect account manager job description to bring in top talent? Hiring is a lengthy and costly process so it’s best to get it right the first time — and that means bringing the best applicants into the interview process.

In this article, we cover:

  • Qualification recommendations for an account manager.
  • Duties/Responsibilities of account managers in the workplace.
  • Interview questions to help you hire the best account manager.

So, before you hire an account manager for your old or new business, read all about account manager duties before making the right decision.

Account manager job description

Position: Account manager

Salary Range: It’s a good idea to include a salary range for your position to avoid having applicants that might later reject an offer. An account manager’s salary ranges from around $50k-$100k in the United States.

Reports To: Who will the office manager report to in your company?

Job Description

The account manager is a business representative who gets the most one-on-one time with clients. The position executes sales strategy, initiates contact with existing and potential customers, identifies customer needs, and sells appropriate merchandise to meet those needs. The account manager deals with cross-selling, forecasts, dealing with new customers/stakeholders/account executives, and other important tasks. For this reason, the time management/punctuality of an account manager must be extremely on point. For example, new clients will never be impressed with meeting an account manager who doesn’t show up on time to the meeting. The account manager has a reputation for always looking at their watch.

Account managers must have the ability to develop long-term relationships while still displaying proper management skills with internal teams.

Qualifications & skills

A good account manager has excellent communication/interpersonal skills and customer relationship skills with expert business administration knowledge. In other words, an account manager is a master of building relationships, so this means that this position requires an immaculately professional profile. High school diploma or GED required. X amount of years of experience is necessary.

Additional qualifications include:

  • Previous sales and telemarketing experience is a plus.
  • Must possess basic sales skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including effective negotiation techniques, are necessary.
  • Must have strong analytical and judgment skills.
  • Must be proficient with word processing programs (Google docs, excel, powerpoint, etc…)

Administrative assistant responsibilities and duties

Below are approximations of the amount of time you’ll spend carrying out key functions of the position.

Percentage of Job Duty
______ % Managing assigned accounts with existing and potential customers.
______ % Calling prospective customers identifying customer needs and creating a customer-supplier relationship
______ % Prepares sales information for customers; increases sales in respective accounts
______ % Places orders while taking into account delivery dates and inventory levels.
______ % Analyzing buying influences and developing budgets and purchasing criteria for assigned accounts.
______ % Building strong relationships/retention with customers.
______ % Advise the salesforce.
______ % Project management.


A high school diploma or GED is required, bachelor’s degree is preferred. Basic sales skills are mandatory; previous sales and telemarketing experience is a plus.

Account manager interview questions

Once you bring in great candidates, consider some interview questions for achieving the best results for hiring an administrative assistant. These questions will help you distill the traits or qualities you want out of your administrative assistant using the answers given. Use a 1-5 rating system to grade the applicant’s answers.

You may also require a cover letter from applicants. Here are a few interview questions to consider:

  • Tell me what you see as the greatest strength someone in your position should cultivate. How should you go about doing that?
  • Describe a sales project in which your input made a difference.
  • Tell me about a customer service plan that you have developed and the result of implementing that plan.
  • What new ideas or skills would you bring to this job that you can’t utilize at your current job?
  • Describe the most challenging account you have worked on.
  • If you had one accomplishment to brag about from your previous jobs, what would it be?
  • Describe the procedures you have used to keep track of the needs of different customers/clients.

Wrapping up interview questions

Human resources: feel free to add additional questions to the list that may be specific to your operation.

Write an overall impression of the applicant, and give them an average rating of 1-5 for further comparison with other applicants.

You can also give upper management three recommendation choices:

  • Hire
  • Do not hire
  • Second interview

Follow the above formula for successfully hiring candidates for the administrative assistant position. Don’t forget to spread wide when putting out job postings — the more online platforms you use for hiring, the better the candidates you’ll get. We hope this helped you hire the perfect administrative assistant.

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