SEO Tips to Help HR Heads Hire Qualified Candidates

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a process that involves certain strategies by optimising your websites to boost your ranking on search engine giants like Google and Yahoo. It’s often overlooked by recruitment companies. However, it is imperative to optimise your online job listings.

With the help of SEO, you can raise your website to the top of the results list. HR reps who take time to learn SEO will be able to deliver more qualified candidates and ultimately, see improvements in online recruitment efforts. Here are some tips for HR reps on how to use SEO to hire qualified candidates for positions.

Target Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the most crucial step toward building an SEO strategy. When you build keywords which are relevant to the job opening that’s available, this helps in increasing your website ranking on search engine results. Digital marketing is continuing to evolve. Therefore, in order to rank higher, you need to match the ranking factors search engines set. We appreciate you’re not an expert in this field, so consider bringing in the experts. Candidsky are a Manchester SEO company who can help you target relevant keywords. They use specialist software and tools to seek out relevant keywords that candidates are searching for.

Choose Long-Tail Keywords

You must remember to optimise your web pages with the right keywords. This is so that when someone searches for that particular word online, they’ll have no trouble finding your website. Long-tail keywords are extremely beneficial as you can narrow down your search to specific targets. Choosing long-tail keywords can help you get the most qualified leads too. They’re relatively cheaper as well so you won’t have to spend a fortune to attract higher targets.

Create SEO-Optimised Job Descriptions

Whether it’s a business webpage, career section, or web landing pages, there are plenty of ways to optimise job descriptions that can help in reaching out to a bigger audience. Make sure to feature keyword combinations not just on job descriptions, but within your business website. Although job descriptions normally serve a compliance purpose, they offer the chance to elevate your business’s page within a search engine.

Have a Strong Careers Section

A brilliant SEO tactic is having a strong careers section. This plays a pivotal role in attracting motivated and enthusiastic people to your page and hunt for jobs. A careers page on your site is essentially an internal search engine for job seekers that’s efficient and simple to use. To make things easier for the user, you can add filters that whittle down the list. Include categories like job position, location, and qualifications. A sound careers section will help boost your brand, improve your business reputation, and ensure the right people are checking out your page.

There are an array of duties HR professionals undertake to find qualified candidates. To add to your repertoire and success, learning the A-Z of SEO is essential. Consider optimising SEO to find suitable candidates that align with the required goals of your niche.

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