The return to people-first strategies in HR

People-first strategies increase engagement, staff retention and contribute to the success of your company. Learn about the tools HR people can use to support their strategy.

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The happiness of employees is paramount to a successful company. As many of us know, if we take care of our staff, then they feel happier and inspired in the workplace, resulting in an improvement in productivity, a better work environment and more success for your company. So, why are we not, as HR people, putting it into practice?

As the cost-of-living crisis is expected to spark the ‘Great Resignation’ of 2023, it’s important to make sure that our employees are valued when they come to work. According to new research by Unum UK, nearly a fifth of the UK workforce plan to look for new jobs next year with higher salaries and better employee benefits. Not only is it important that employers understand their staff’s needs, including better work/life balance, benefits and well-being support, but also that they are respected, valued and listened to in the workplace. That’s why it’s time for companies to start making their people a priority.

What does a people-first strategy look like?

A people-first strategy isn’t complicated. A company that puts its people first doesn’t just rely on listing its values and telling everyone that they offer a great place to work. Instead, they live and breathe their values, prioritise their people, and put the work in to create a culture that meets the needs of their employees. In return, they get increased engagement and dedication from their employees because they want to contribute more to a company that values and cares for them.

HR solutions for creating a healthy and happy work environment

Here are a few tips for HR people and companies on creating a dedicated, people-first strategy that promotes a happy work culture and has a positive impact on the business.

Being transparent

Communication is key in every workplace. However, it’s the way in which we communicate with each other that makes a difference. People value open communication and transparency in the workplace. Treating people like people and communicating with each other by talking face to face instead of through technology, helps to build relationships and trust within the company. Most importantly, it makes people feel like you care.

Commit to employees’ wellbeing

Well-being should be high on HR management’s agenda. Whether it’s implementing a well-being programme, making sure your employees have a healthy work environment or setting up mental health resources, these all help to create a workplace that has a positive impact on your employees’ lives.

Appreciate and give feedback

Employees value feedback and knowing how well they are performing in their roles. A simple email or conversation where employees receive recognition can help motivate them, boost morale and make them feel appreciated.

Invest in your employees’ personal and professional growth

Setting objectives and goals for your employees help them to stay focused and have something to work towards as they know they are adding value. Regular check-ins and scheduled appraisals give colleagues an opportunity to discuss their performance and monitor their progression. At Activ People HR, we have the tools and technologies to support their growth. Our Activ Appraisals software facilitates these conversations and helps to track and manage performance. The tools can be used to track and update personal objectives, update personal objectives and set realistic, actionable goals for teams and individual employees.

Making a start

Simply put, there’s no time like the present to start putting your people first. Begin by openly communicating, sharing feedback and investing in your employees’ well-being and growth, and start benefiting from the impact it has on your company.

For more information about the support we can provide with your employees’ personal and professional growth, take a look at our efficient and robust tools. Get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for or book a demo to see our software in action.

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