UK Recruitment will get tougher in 2023 as workers less likely to move

According to a new YouGov poll of 1,000 adults in full-time employment commissioned by TMP Worldwide (the UK talent advisory business of global recruitment process outsourcing provider, PeopleScout), six out of 10 people (62%) say that they are less likely to look for a new job in 2023 than they were last year.

The findings highlight workers’ concerns around job security, with cost-of-living increases and the threat of a recession making it more likely that they will stay in their current role.

When asked what they would look for if they did consider changing employer, four out of 10 (39%) cited more job flexibility as a key priority and a third (35%) said they would look for somewhere they ‘fitted in’ – referring to organisation culture.

Strong leadership, culture and shared values remain strong drivers, with 28% looking for “leadership that I respect” and the same proportion citing “a business with values that I identify with”.

But the recent spate of high-profile tech redundancies has taken the gloss off working for a fast-growth company, with fewer than one in 10 (9%) expressing a desire “to join a growing organisation”.

So, with fewer people likely to move and 3 million1 who have left the workforce (who are over 50 but under retirement age), how will vacancies be filled with the right talent?

Jon Porter, Managing Director at TMP Worldwide commented: “Whilst UK recruitment levels have softened in recent months, vacancy levels remain elevated at 1.19 million2. At the same time, candidates are becoming more risk adverse. This means that a distinctive and clearly articulated employer brand will be vital for hiring success. Employers need to ensure that their EVP and ‘deal’ for employees is as compelling as possible.”

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