As furlough ends, retail sector under immense pressure


Recruitment software business, Occupop has weighed in on the discussion around how the retail sector is faring in the wake of the pandemic, while it still suffers the consequences of Brexit. Occupop have compiled a report that highlights the numerous and complex issues facing the troubled sector.

The main findings of the report showed that staff shortages are one of the biggest challenges facing UK retailers currently. As businesses emerge from the trauma of the pandemic, rebuilding a workforce is an almost impossible task with demand for retail workers at a 23 year high, and a qualified labour pool shrinking at its fastest level in four years.

Sadly, it is small independent retailers employing less than 1000 staff, with figures from Fourth and Consensus-wide showing that, ‘42% of small retailers felt Brexit made hiring harder compared to 35% of larger firms

Commenting on the situation, Co-Founder of Occupop, Caroline Gleeson said;

“The retail sector is pivotal to any thriving economy, so the facts and figures from our report are startling. The retail staffing challenge is monumental but the changes that need to be made are surprisingly, even refreshingly clear for employers. The pandemic period has culminated in ‘The Great Reset’ of workers’ attitudes in retail. Expectations have risen and retail workers want and (are able to find), better pay, better conditions, more flexibility /or greater well-being in other sectors.”

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