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learn from falls in suspension

Employee suspensions are never fun – for the employee or the manager. One of the hardest parts – for managers and employees – is figuring out next steps.

I was suspended for two days due to ‘insubordination’. My HR Manager is also my department manager. There was NOT a third party involved at any point, which in my opinion is a conflict of interest. If I understand our company policy correctly, a third party should have been present to eliminate any bias. 

Also, the claims of insubordination were based on assumptions and feelings, instead of facts. There was no evidence that supported any of the claims that were presented to me. Unfortunately, the HR Manager has harassed me for the last five months and each incident was documented (by me). I would like to know how I should go about filing an appeal for the suspension and requesting a hearing. Thank you.

Unfortunately, we don’t have all the details here. But we’ve written before about how employees can handle being suspended and some of the decisions they will want to consider.

This is What You Should Do If You Get a Suspension

While organizations should be providing employees with information during suspensions, it’s sad to say that sometimes the employee is in shock about what’s going on and they forget to ask clarifying requests. If companies want to get to the truth, then they need to answer employee questions.

What to Do If You’re Placed on Suspension

Companies need to communicate expectations. Managers and employees need to regularly communicate about performance. HR needs to communicate policies and procedures. Follow-up communications need to happen.

How to Handle a Work Suspension

Employee suspensions are not an action that should be taken lightly. Companies need to make sure they are handling the matter properly, both from a legal perspective and from a respect standpoint.

What Happens During an Employee Investigation

Workplace investigations are one of the toughest responsibilities in HR. There’s an expectation that the matter will be handled in the strictest confidence. And when we do that, sometimes we’re criticized for not keeping people informed.

HR Failed to Investigate an Incident

Employees need to feel they can report concerns to the organization. AND that the organization will properly investigate the situation. Not only is there a liability to ignoring an employee’s complaint, but it’s also just not the right thing to do.

Employees: When Should You Lawyer Up

There are times in your employment that you may definitely need an attorney. In this article, we share four reasons you might need the services of a lawyer.

Employee suspensions are complicated situations. Many things need to be considered, including the employee figuring out their ultimate goal. I can’t answer that question. But hopefully these articles will give the employee some things to consider as they decide how they would like to move forward.

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