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We know it’s getting close to the end of the year and you may not be thinking of interviewing potential employees; however, we also know that the end of the year can be a busy recruiting time for some of our clients. This month, HRP is offering an end of year Webinar titled, Interview Legally.  This 30 minute webinar will give you key tips on making sure your interview process is not putting your company at jeopardy. This Month in HR News gives you additional resources to explore, so that your company can put together the best recruitment practices for 2018.

 Interviewing & Recruiting

The Interview Process Got Longer in 2017 – SHRM
A unique technique for recruiting the right employee – SHRM
EEOC Targets Hiring Barriers for Applicants with Disabilities – SHRM


HRP recognizes that during this past month there has been national attention on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace due to the high profile cases that have been exposed. To guide employers through the maze of news articles, the Society of Human Resources Management put together resources and news articles from trusted media outlets. Click here to see this list.

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