More than half ambulance workers have witnessed a death to delays

Exclusive poll for Channel 4 also shows 50 per cent of ambulance workers have spent their entire shift waiting outside A&E 

More than of ambulance workers have witnessed a death to delays, an exclusive GMB survey for Channel 4 shows. 

The findings of the poll [1], shown in Channel 4’s Dispatches programme tonight [9 March 2023], also reveal   

More than 3 in 4 [76%] say that delays have an impact on patient care on a daily basis.  More than half of ambulance crew workers (52 per cent) have spent a whole shift waiting outside A&E with a patient. 8 in 10 [78%] say they have considered leaving the service for a less stressful role. 87% believe the hospitals they work with are inadequately staffed.  65 per cent say that every day they deal with cases that would be better dealt with by care and mental health services. 

Tonight’s programme follows ambulance crew member Daniel Waterhouse, who spent three months secretly filming his work against the backdrop of the NHS’s worst ever winter crisis.  

The resulting documentary, Ambulance Undercover: NHS in Chaos- Dispatches vividly captures the disturbing reality of long ambulance delays, record A&E waiting times, and the consequences for patients.  

Laurence Turner, GMB Head of Research and Policy, said: 

“These findings are utterly terrifying – but chime perfectly with what GMB members tell us every day. 

“More than ten years of cuts while demand skyrockets and a flood of underpaid and demoralised ambulance workers leave the service has created a perfect storm.  

“Ambulance workers face a crushing workload, emotional trauma and even abuse – yet they had to spend months taking strike action before the Government would even talk to them about this year’s pay. 

“If we want horror stories like this to stop, we need to properly fund our health service – starting with the workforce.” 

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