Pay Right – This Month in HR News

Pay Right

In this month’s HR News we offer some articles as they relate to Pay Equity, Compliance updates and the Overtime Rule (no it hasn’t gone away). Every year companies consider pay increases for their employees, but may not always consider the legal side of paying employees. At HRP our goal is to help you find the answers you need and we hope you find these articles helpful when you are looking at your annual pay adjustments.


Pay Equity

Why Pay Equity Keeps Getting More Complicated   SHRM Logo Link to site


3 Pay Equity Trends to Watch in 2018 Benefit News Logo links to site


 Can we Fire an Employee for Sharing His Pay Increase?  SHRM Logo links to site



PAID image with DOL LinkDepartment of Labor – PAID Program


 Self-Audits and the PAID Program SHRM Logo links to site


Overtime Rule Update

New Overtime rule proposal coming October 2018 HR Drive logo links to site



Will the Overtime rules be in time? SHRM logo links to site

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